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Purchasing your dream hot tub or swim spa is a big decision, and you probably have a lot of questions. Here are some answers to some of the most popular ones we get asked. If you have any more, feel free to call us on 01803 872666. You can find all the specific product information you need in our brochure.

For hot tubs and swim spas to remain free from bacteria, they require you to regularly check their chemical balance and add chemicals when necessary. You should test your water with a test strip every 2 days to ensure that your water is balanced and avoid any bacteria or functionality issues down the line that result from unbalanced water condition.

Hydropool's patented Self Clean range utilises the PureWater system that treats the water with ozone AND UV-C light 24 hours a day and filters 100% of the water every 15 minutes. The PureWater system makes your sanitiser (chlorine or bromine) go further and will greatly reduce the need for many other chemicals such as water oxiders (ozone oxidises water naturally). You can learn more about the Hydropool PureWater system here.

Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas come with an industry-leading 10-year shell guarantee, as well as 3 years of plumbing and parts warranties, courtesy of the manufacturer. At Hydropool Devon we also offer 3- years of free labour from our in-house technicians.

Hydropool products are built to last.

We are a family-run business that takes pride in our relationships with clients. We have a dedicated customer service team and full-time in-house technicians that are available 7 days a week to answer any questions or queries that you may have about using your spa and best practices for maintaining it.

Yes, and we encourage it! Most hot tubs might look similar, but the chances are you are not buying one purely for its aesthetic. That's why we welcome everyone to try our hot tub or swim spa with no obligation in our multi-award-winning showroom before making a decision. Call one of our friendly team on 01803 872666 if you'd like to book a private wet test.

We have many finance options available, from Buy Now Pay Later plans with 0% interest to longer-term financing up to 10 years. We require a minimum deposit of £1,000 for finance. You can learn more about hot tub finance plans in Devon here.

Depending on the access to your property, we will use a standard flatbed, a hiab or a crane to get your new spa into place. Our technicians will unwrap your spa, connect it to the power supply, and fill it up with water. Swim spas always require delivery via a hiab.

We will then give you a comprehensive tutorial that shows you how to use the spa's many features, how to maintain it, and answer any questions you might have. We welcome you to video record this demonstration to refer to later, but if you ever get stuck, our team is available to help over the phone, by email, or in person when you pop into the showroom, 7 days a week.

If you have access of 1m wide, we will take the hot tub through on its side before placing it down safely. If your access is more limited, we have other options available, including hiab or crane delivery. It is extremely rare that we are unable to install a spa due to limited access.

There are many hot tubs out there so it's hard to narrow down your options. To find your dream spa the first time (and avoid buying a replacement before long), you should consider the brand, durability, features, warranties and size. You can find out blog post about what to look for when buying a hot tub here.

Hydropool's unique and customisable Wellness Programs put the method in the massage with 8 automated programs that guide you around the Zones in your spa to relieve your unique symptoms at their source.

It's great having all these different types of jets, but how Hydropool applies them with science-led built-in treatments is one of the reasons why Hydropool hydrotherapy stands out. Learn more about Hydropool's Wellness Programs and Zone Therapy here.

Hydropool self-cleaning technology is patent-protected, so our competitors can't use it. We have heard stories of some of our competitors claiming that our system is a gimmick - we would never put that down to bitterness...!

Our 6-stage self-cleaning process with swimming pool filtration is so simple that with a short explanation from our team or by reading about it in our brochure, you will understand how it works, and then you can decide for yourself!

It is recommended that you get your hot tub or swim spa serviced once every 12 months to ensure that your spa is in perfect working order and running at maximum efficiency, but you are under no obligation to do so.

You can sink or partially sink your hot tub or swim spa in decking. Our sister company, Rivera Decking, can handle all groundworks and decking if you wish, but you are welcome to use any company you wish and we will happily cooperate with them to ensure that your installation is stress-free.

Many people tell us that they can't use public swimming pools due to the skin irritation it causes. With a personal hot tub or swim spa, you won't need to use anywhere near as much sanitiser as public pools, making the water much kinder to your skin.

If you are sensitive to chlorine, some people find that using bromine helps. Chlorine sensitivity is rarely a factor that prevents people using their hot tub, but you are welcome to come and wet test our hot tub and swim spa before deciding whether to buy.

The most common issue with hot tubs or swim spas is a leak. While these are rare, they can occur due to the complex manufacturing process of all hot tubs. If your spa has a leak, you will usually know within a few months. When purchasing your spa from us, you are entitled to free labour for 12 months, courtesy of our full-time team of in-house technicians.

The manufacturer also has warranties for plumbing and parts (3 years) and the acrylic shell (10 years) for your peace of mind.

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