Here at Hydropool Devon, we have several ranges of hot tubs for you to browse, including the World’s First and Only Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs that give you more time for what matters.

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Our Jets Feel Different

The jet variants in Hydropool spas are not just for show. Different areas of the body respond best to variations of pressure and movement and Hydropool puts this science in our spas so you can feel great.

Within the 11 different types of jets that come standard with Serenity and Self-Cleaning are two types of jets that serve slightly different purposes. The hydropower from them is easily adjustable on your control panel to find the perfect balance for you.

P-Class Jets are designed for a deep tissue massage that releases tension within the deeper layers of your body tissue. L-Class Jets gently soothe tight muscles, causing them to flow with the movement of the water as you relax.

Jet placement was a crucial part of the design phase, allowing each Zone to work different muscles groups effectively while remaining comfortable to lean on. Decide to spend more time in certain Zones to give your body specific attention, or follow one of our 8 Wellness Programs.

Hydropool Zone Therapy

Using our understanding of the ergonomics of the human body we innovated an automatic treatment system designed to interact with the body in the most effective way possible, using natural rhythms and sensations.

There are 4 Zones in each Hydropool spa work to activate 4 different muscle groups, with additional seating with their own jets.

Zone 1: Core Zone – Activation of paravertebral muscles

Zone 2: Overall Body Zone – Activation of leg and lumbar muscles

Zone 3: Upper Body Zone – Activation of upper back, neck & shoulder muscles

Zone 4: Reflexology Zone – Activation of foot arch muscles with additional back treatment


Hydropool Running Costs

With the current economic climate, one of the first things people want to know is how much it costs to run a Hydropool hot tub. While our spas are designed for energy efficiency, there are still costs involved.

While specific costs greatly depend on many factors such as frequency of use, water temperature, geographical location, and seasonal weather, we’ve done our best to answer this question using unbiased third party research.

Download a Brochure

Hydropool spas are packed with features to get excited about – you don’t want to miss them!

In our brochure you will find much more detail about:

✦   How Hydropool Self-Cleaning spas work

✦   How we use Ozone to purify water to keep your family safe

✦   Hydropool Zone Therapy

✦   Jet technology and ergonomic design

✦   Spas designed for energy efficiency

✦   Shell and cabinet options and upgrades

✦   WeatherSeal insulation system

✦   ClearSpring filtation system

✦   Our 10 year worry-free guarantee

✦   Customised wellness programs

✦   What makes each of our ranges unique and choosing the one right for you

Hydropool Devon
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Tracy CsecsTracy Csecs
16:08 28 May 22
We've been very happy with the hot tub and so pleased we decided to get one from Hydropool Devon. It's our first hot tub and from our initial enquiry to delivery and after sales service, each person we have spoken to has been responsive, helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. It was very reassuring. There were delays from Canada and we had delays due to our awful builders, but Hydropool Devon maintained good communication throughout. I would definitely recommend them! Our model is Serenity 4500 and it's easy to use and maintain and good quality. We love it! Thank you to everyone at Hydropool Devon. You're a great team & we look forward to working with you to keep our tub tip top in the coming years!
Andy HoneyAndy Honey
13:45 29 May 20
The Hydropool Executive Trainer is a fantastic piece of kit. Great support form Helen, Adam and the rest of the team.
David VinsonDavid Vinson
15:10 20 Mar 20
Another excellent service on our hot tub. The outer casing and cover of the tub was quite dowdy at the start but positively shining at the end. All jets, filters, fountains, headrests were removed and throughly cleaned as was the inside itself. I would recommend this to all hot tub owners to ensure their tub remains in tip-top condition. The technician (Mark) was very personable while carrying out the service.
Angie RousellAngie Rousell
19:17 05 Jan 20
Must say my husband and I were delighted with the whole experience of purchasing our hot tub from the professionalism of the showroom demonstration and negotiating process through to to delivery, which just before Christmas we couldn't have had anymore rain on the delivery day, however with all the logistical difficulties getting it into our walled back garden Adam and Mark stayed positive throughout and achieved the installation. We have since been enjoying the hydropool immensely as well as the whole family over the Christmas period!! We wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending your company for quality hot tubs.
Simon LandenSimon Landen
17:44 24 Dec 19
Possibly the best small company in the UK Probably the best small business in the UK, from walking in to look at the hot tubs to installation we have been very impressed, the service offered by David Hayes and his team have been excellent, all the staff are 100% and thats very rare these days. Nothing has been too much trouble, will definitely be back.,Possibly the best small business in the UK, this company gives the service that you just cant find these days, i never really give positive feedback as there is always something not quite right but i simply cant fault Hydropool in anyway, the service was excellent from walking in to the installation of our new hot tub, which is excellent and we love it.David Hayes and his team are all first class and nothing is too much trouble.Will definitely return in the future.
09:20 26 Oct 17
So happy that we went with Hydropool for our tub. Definitely a superior quality tub. Staff were so helpful, nothing was too much trouble especially when we had to hire the biggest truck to get it over the roof of the house to get it in the back garden! Wouldn't be without our tub now. Love it.

Our Ranges

Self-Clean Range

Hydropool Self Clean Model 495

✦    Engineered to be the most energy-efficient hot tub built in the world.

✦    Technologically advanced Self-Cleaning system simultaneously removes surface debris and cleans the bottom of the hot tub with its built-in floor vacuum.

✦    Filters 100% of the water every 15 minutes.

✦    Hands-free system to safeguard you and your family.

✦    Self-Cleaning creates more time for what matters, like rekindling romance and relationships with family and friends.

✦    9 different models which can seat anywhere from 3 persons to 10 persons.

✦    All models are well-equipped with 22 standard features.

Serenity Range

Hydropool Serenity Model 6600

✦    Ergonomically designed for full body support and comfort.

✦    Soft, comfortable pillows to support your head and neck and wide lumbar seats to cradle your body.

✦    Hydrotherapy benefits of warm, soothing water, invigorating and pulsating jet streams, and natural buoyancy.

✦    Enjoy day or night, inside or out, by yourself or with family and friends.

✦    Allow yourself to feel, work, play and sleep better!

✦    9 different models from 3-4 persons to 6-7 persons.

✦    All models are well-equipped with 18 standard features.

Dream Maker
Spa Range

Dream Maker hot tub Cabana Suite

✦    For the more budget-conscious

✦    Dream Maker patented sustainable SyncrylicTM material

✦    Acrylic like smooth contours while retaining the durability and strength that is provided by a rotationally molded spa.

✦    Finely detailed outer design to the

✦    Quality jets and plumbing system and the

✦    Energy efficient, heat retaining Weather Shield Cover,

✦    Dream Maker Spas deliver the amazing spa value.

✦    Option to purchase the whole suite or the hot tub alone, giving you complete customisation.

✦    Available in 2 different colourways.


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