Hydropool Swim Spas For Sale Devon & Cornwall

At Hydropool Devon we have the full range of Hydropool swim spas available, packed with a wide range of Hydropool-exclusive features, for all kinds of health, fitness and wellness goals.

Swim spas are up to 60% cheaper than a swimming pool to install and cost far less to heat due to their reduced water volume and far insulation. Get the best of a hot tub and a swimming pool in one, with Hydropool hydrotherapy and the Perfect In-Place Swim, in a Hydropool swim spa.

Trusted by Team GB athletes when training for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics.

Get a voucher worth up to £1,200 off swim spas by downloading the Hydropool swim spa brochure.

What is a Swim Spa?

Think of a swim spa as an endless pool that you can swim in without having to slow down and turn around. Select one of the 10 swim speeds and track your progress as you improve your technique or general level of fitness.

Many people use swim spas as a convenient way to perform low-impact Hydrofitness such as water aerobics. This is a fantastic way to help rehabilitate after an injury or treat aging joints and muscles.

Swim spas aren’t just for swimming, though. They offer a perfect combination between a hot tub and a swimming pool, without any compromises on either side. When it’s time to wind down from your session, enjoy world-famous Hydropool hydrotherapy; the same as what you will find in our hot tubs.

Hydropool swim spa in a garden in Exeter

Why Hydropool Swim Spas in Devon?

For over 40 years, Hydropool has worked towards manufacturing spas that lead the way in 4 key areas:

✦    A turbulence-free swimming experience for people of all abilities

✦    Innovative home hydrotherapy massage

✦    Self-cleaning systems that create time for what matters

✦    Energy efficiency that makes using your spa 365 days a year feasible

Now you enjoy the Perfect In-Place Swim in a swim spa that offers all Hydropool’s signature benefits such as hydrotherapy programs, patented self-cleaning, and energy efficiency with NASA-inspired insulation.

How Does A Swim Spa Work?

Swim Spas are more than just large swimming hot tubs. Hydropool Swim Spas have been designed and improved for over 20 years to produce a clean, turbulent-free current for you to swim against. Our Swim Spas have 4 key swimming features:

  1. Powerful, Efficient Pumps – Our pumps deliver speeds of up to 10 kph, suitable for Olympic-level swimmers.
  2. Patented Jets – Our jets lead the market in producing as clean a current as possible so it feels like you’re really swimming in a pool.
  3. Buoyancy Jet – A toggleable jet that helps lift your body as in swimming in open water.
  4. Current Collection – Our patented current collectors ensure that water doesn’t reflect back into the swim lane and cause turbulence.
Person swimming in Hydropool swim spa in winter Bristol
Hydropool Swim Spa 2023 Brochure

Compare Hydropool Swim Spas

When you are looking to buy a swim spa, you can be overloaded with information. There is enough technical specification for manufacturers to shout about in just a hot tub, so when you combine a hot tub with swimming functionality suitable for all abilities, there is plenty to digest.

We have 4 different ranges of swim spas available, including our Family Fun Pools. They are split into ranges due to their unique features that are likely to benefit different types of people the most.

To get a full view of which swim spa could be right for you, and get a discount voucher, download a dedicated swim spa brochure here.

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AquaSport Range

The “average” swimmers best friend. The Aquaflow jets allow some customisation to water current and strength. The AquaSport swim spa has the exercise benefits of the Aquatrainer but at a more affordable price. This swim spa features Hydrotherapy massage seats, plus you can use the AquaCord swim-in-place harness with the swim just for swimming resistance!

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AquaTrainer Range

Person Swimming in Swim Spa

The “advanced” swimmers dream. With 10 different speeds and currents, the active user can stay healthy and fit with ease. This swim spa features Hydrotherapy massage seats, plus you can use the AquaCord swim-in-place harness with the swim just for swimming resistance!

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Executive Range

hydropool cornwall swim spa

Our Executive range of swim spas is for serious swimmers and fitness enthusiasts. With patented current collectors, they have minimal backwash giving you a clean swimming experience. On our ExecutiveTrainers, the patented V-Twin jets now smooth the flow of water even better than the previous generation and have doubled the volume of water being pushed.

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AquaPlay Range

Kids playing in swim spa

Our AquaPlay range of swim spas will suit any active lifestyle. These swim spas are the family fun pools with features that mimic the natural resistance of water to help you get the most out of your swim or workout- complete with hydrotherapy features.

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5SE Sunken in Millboard - Praa


Our sister company Riviera Decking are available for all your decking needs. Plan to sink your swim spa into decking, place on top of decking? Give them a call or head to their website to submit a quote request.

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Our sister company Hayes Timber Buildings can build the perfect outdoor living rooms for your swim spa. Give them a call or head to their website to submit a quote request.

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