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Lodge and Rental Property Hot Tubs

Installing a hot tub into your rental property is likely to be the best long term investment you can make in it. With home rental comparison sites booming and users getting easy access to filter results depending on their requirements, there is a growing trend of people looking for a hot tub at the property.

Founded in Hungary in 2004, Wellis has become one of the best-selling lodge spa manufacturers in Europe. When installing a hot tub in a rental property, there are stringent health and safety standards that must be adhered to in order to be able to offer use of the spa to your tenants or guests.

Why Lodge/Rental Hot Tub?


Commercial Specification

When installing a hot tub or spa in a rental property, there are certain requirements that need to be met to ensure that guests have a safe and easy experience using the spa. Our lodge spas have been manufactured to these requirements so there are no adjustments or addons necessary.


Increase Rental Value

Some research suggests that the nightly value of your rental property can increase by 10-20%. With water being synonymous with a holiday to Devon and Cornwall, a cozy wind down with a drink in the evenings is the luxury that many people seek from their south coast getaway – particularly if the sea temperature caused the sight of it to be plenty for the day!


Remote Management

Lodge hot tubs and spas are designed to be easy to maintain for property owners. Perishable parts have been removed and the main control panel is locked inside the cabinet. A Wi-Fi controlled smartphone app can be used to monitor the hot tub’s condition pH level testing can be done remotely to ensure your spa is complying with health and safety regulations.


Corboda Medence

Seats: 6 (1 reclining)

No. of Jets: 40

Net Weight: 330kg

Volume: 1136L

Control Panel: Hidden under cabinet. 2 buttons on pool-side


Porto Medence

Seats: 4

No. of Jets: 30

Net Weight: 235kg

Volume: 782L

Control Panel: Hidden under cabinet. 2 buttons on pool-side


Valencia Medence

Seats: 7

No. of Jets: 48

Net Weight: 330kg

Volume: 1136L

Control Panel: Hidden under cabinet. 2 buttons on pool-side

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Buyers Guide

Learn what to look for when buying your hot tub and how to avoid the common mistakes many first time buyers make.

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