Monitor Chemical Balance Remotely with the Smart Partner App

While the many benefits of owning a hot tub or swim spa in Devon or Cornwall outweigh the slight inconvenience of having to test your spa water and add chemicals, we can all agree that it is the least desirable aspect of the lifestyle!

But what if you could automate the testing process and get water treatment recommendations from wherever you are in the world?

Spoiler alert – you now can!




The new W.I.S My Spa Partner is the rechargeable water analyser that connects to your phone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to give you readings of your water condition remotely and notify you when your chemicals reach low (or high) levels.

Open your smartphone app at any time to check on the condition of your water, including chemical levels and temperature so you can be sure that when you want to get in your hot tub or swim spa you can just get in, knowing that everything is safe and ready for use.




Remotely Monitor:

  • Disinfectant content
  • pH level
  • Water hardness
  • Temperature


Easy Notifications

Get notified when your spa water needs treatment before the chemical balance of your water begins to cause problems, without having to go and dip-test it. Simply turn on notifications on your phone and the app will warn you of your spa’s below-optimum condition before the water becomes unsafe for use or you start to get other problems associated with insufficiently treated water, such as inside damage to the pipework.



Accurate Readings

The plug & play sensors in the device read chemical levels accurately so you no longer have to dip-test and try to work out exactly what results you have according to a printed colour scale, which can cause inaccurate chemicalisation.

Gone are the dark evenings where you are dipping a strip into the water and trying to run back into the light to get the reading before the colours on your strip change!

Recommended Hot Tub & Swim Spa Chemicals

No need for guesstimating! 

Not only does the Spa Partner tell you when your chemical balance needs addressing; in the suggestions section in the app it gives you a personalised recommendation of what chemicals are required to bring your water back to optimum condition, ensuring that you only take the chemicals you need out to your wellness area each time.

Durable Design

The W.I.S analyser floats around in the spa without being a distraction, and its IP68-rated design means that you don’t have to worry about using the spa with it in the water as this will not affect its readings.

If your spa is being used by the maximum number of people, you could always take the device out while you are using it, however, this isn’t something we recommend as it is useful to get regular updates on your spa’s condition, even when you are using it. This can help you see what impact full capacity use of your spa has on your chemical balance.




How Does It Work?

My Smart Spa Partner floats in the water and uses robust plug & play sensors to measure pH, disinfectant levels, conductivity, and temperature. These sensors do not need to be replaced frequently. In fact, they are so durable that they come with 2 years warranty!

All you have to do to set it up is download the app onto your smartphone, enter your spa’s dimensions and your ideal ranges, connect it to wifi, calibrate the sensors, then sit back and let the device and your app do the work for you!


No Batteries Needed

The device is rechargeable and can is charged using a USB cable that you can plug into the mains or into another electronic device like a laptop or computer – just like your phone!

Each charge lasts approximately 4 months so you won’t need to charge it often. You can monitor the amount of charge left, also remotely, in your app. This can help you make sure there will be enough charge left in the device when you are spending some time away from it and want to check your spa’s condition while you are away.

Great For Rental/Holiday Let/Lodge Spas

As you may know, when letting a property with a hot tub or swim spa to paying guests, there are some health and safety guidelines that you should comply with. 

The HSG282 guidelines require that you routinely check your spa’s water condition and chemical balance to ensure that your hot tubs in Plymouth remain safe for your guests wherever you are.

This can be an inconvenience for landlords as they would usually have to keep going back to the property to check the chemicals. While this is an important safety check, it can be frustrating when you make time to travel to the property to check the chemicals for you to get there and see that the water does not need any treatment.

My Smart Spa Partner can give you live readings on your water condition which are tracked on your app, meaning you only have to visit when you are being told remotely that the chemical balance needs addressing. 

Hide It Away

Sometimes we can get bored of looking at something so beautiful! If you don’t want your device floating around in the water, hide it away in your filter compartment if you own a spa with one big enough, such as our Serenity models. 

This will not affect any readings your device picks up, nor will it affect your filtration system.

Get Your W.I.S Smart Spa Analyser Today

The W.I.S My Smart Spa Partner makes monitoring and treating your spa water easy! Whether you want to check on the chemical balance before you strip off and jump in your spa, or check on the conditions at a rental property from afar, this device removes the worst part of owning a hot tub or swim spa!

We have limited stock available so get yours at our online shop today.