My Spa is overheating, what now?

Hydropool hot tubs are the perfect place to relax in, but what do you do if your hot tub is overheating?

The first thing to remember is that Hydropool hot tubs are designed to be efficient and retain as much heat as possible to make the running costs as low as possible.

The amazing insulation in the shell & cover of our Hydropool models may keep heat in too well at times. So, during the warmer weather, you may experience your hot tub going up a few degrees over its set temperature.

How can I fix my overheating problem in my hot tub or swim spa?

The temperature of your spa must first be tested with an external thermometer to ensure the displayed information is correct. Simply lowering the set temperature of the spa will not reduce your temperature you must leave the lid of your spa off until the desired temperature has been met, then replace the lid. Alternatively you can drain a small portion of the spa water and top up with fresh cold water.

If your problem persists, consider lowering the temperature of your spa by 2°C on the touchpad and reducing filtration times by 2 hours.

Serenity clients can do this on your touchpad by pressing and holding your light button until hours start to flash. Release the light button, then press the light button multiple times until FD is displayed and reduce the number by 2 using the temperature down button.

Self-Cleaning model clients can do this on your touchpad by entering your setting menu and selecting your water care and entering this menu. Filter cycles can then be reduced on the duration by 2 hours.

For more information about the control panel and how to use it on your spa, click one of the links below and check out our videos on YouTube which walk you through the process.