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Hydrotherapy in the Hydropool 19DTfx Swim Spa

Leanne and Simon have recently had a 19 foot Dual Temperature swim spa installed in their family home. They purchased a hot tub from Hydropool Devon in their old home but made the decision to install the swim spa in their new home as recent restrictions with lock down due to COVID-19 have made it impossible to get hydrotherapy sessions for their son Jonathan.

Jonathan suffers from a rare genetic disorder called CHARGE syndrome which affects various parts of his body. He is registered deaf and blind however has minimal vision and uses a hearing aid. Jonathon uses sign language to communicate, he has no connection between his mouth and stomach and so has a flexible feeding tube through to his stomach to receive nutrition, fluid, and medication (PEG). Jonathan also breathes through a tube in his lungs.

Due to his condition, Jonathan has trouble sleeping through the night.

Before the country went into lockdown, Jonathan was attending hydrotherapy sessions at a local hospice however the hospice had to close to help take care of patients with coronavirus. This meant that hydrotherapy was no longer accessible to Jonathan and his family.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy involves stimulation and gentle exercise in warm water at a constant temperature of 32-36 degrees Celsius. This kind of therapy offers a range of benefits for people with disabilities like Jonathon including;
• The buoyancy of the water is used to assist movements of joints which is much more difficult and, in most cases, painful on dry land.
• The warmth of the water influences the neuro-muscular joints relieving pain and spasms.
• It improves circulation
• It maintains and improves balance, co-ordination and posture.
• The multisensory environment helps stimulate senses whilst calming those with sensory and learning difficulties.

Why did you decide to install a Hydropool Devon & Bristol swim spa in your home?

“Access to Hydrotherapy sessions even before the hospice was closed due to coronavirus were limited because the sessions required 2 members of staff to lead, and after Jonathon has his tracheostomy, due to the nature of the pool he wouldn’t be able to use it anymore, so it was something we had been thinking about anyway. However, when the sessions were completely inaccessible, we knew we needed to have a spa installed in our home”

“During lockdown Jonathan had become very stiff and his scoliosis had gotten much worse so we thought by having access to our own spa every day we could provide physio for Jonathan ourselves.”

“After 2 minutes of being in the pool he completely loosens up and calms right down, it’s amazing.”

How has hydrotherapy helped in yours and your family’s life and what does it mean to have this therapy available at your home?

“Simon broke his back in the army and suffers from spasms down the left side of his back, so hydrotherapy has been extremely beneficial for him too. As with many injuries, exercise on land can be painful which is where swimming differs as the water supports the weight of your body relieving joint stress.”

Simon used to go to the public swimming pool and struggled to find time between work and home duties to get a swim in, but he has managed to swim every night for around 20 minutes since having the swim spa installed at home.

Simon and Leanne have begun to find time for each other once their kids have gone to bed, to relax together in their hot tub in the evenings.

Their daughters have also had a lot of fun splashing around in the variable resistance swim currents of the 19DTfx.

Hydropool hot tubs have various Hydrotherapy programs to help with body pain, sports recovery, headaches, stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Why did you choose Hydropool Devon & Bristol to supply your swim spa?

“We have owned a Hydropool hot tub from Hydropool Devon & Bristol in our previous home and the service we received was so excellent throughout we came back. We went to other local hot tub dealers, but none were as helpful as we found Hydropool Devon to be. Any question we had was either answered straight away or responded to within the hour. Nothing was too much trouble. We have had the same high level of customer service when buying chemicals, a seemingly small purchase, as we did when buying the Hydropool swim spa. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Hydropool Devon & Bristol.”

Want to know about Hydrotherapy? Give us a call on 01803 872666 to speak to our friendly team.

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